RBC Medical Student Offer

Why this matters

  • Individual insurance without ties to a membership

  • Lifetime guaranteed premiums and provisions

  • No medical exam or blood test required

  • Lifetime 25% discount

  • 12 months of waived premium (5 months for residents and fellows)

  • Flexibility to add critical illness, professional overhead and long-term care insurance without a medical later

the full story

In early 2000, a few brokers came together hoping to create a disability insurance package for medical students. Their goal was to create a plan that would have the flexibility to grow with their career. The idea came from the fact that residency was demanding and would often change the residents’ insurability by the time they finish residency. After months of research and negotiation with underwriters, the first version was brought to live. The initial plan was simple and almost identical to other individual professional disability plans in the market place. With the help of a few selected advisors like us, who continued to provide feedback to the insurer in the following years, new features, discounts and increased opportunities were introduced to help accommodate the dynamic career path of a physician. Unlike almost any insurance you own in life, disability insurance is likely to be the only insurance you can purchase once at the beginning of your career and not touched until you retire. It makes sense to go with the best option to protect your life-long career.

the detail

2019 disability coverage limits based on occupation status:









1st year medical students

2nd year medical students

3rd year medical students

4th / final year medical students


Specialists transitioning to practice

General Practitioners transitioning to practice


Application process

  1. Click this link to bring up the application. It is a secure website with end-to-end encryption during transmission.

  2. Upload a personal void cheque to us via the this secure dropbox. This is an encrypted link to protect your privacy.

  3. We will reach out to you once we receive your application to confirm its submission.

  4. RBC will withdraw the first month’s premium to put the coverage in force and activate the free period.

  5. The policy will be issued after about 4 to 6 weeks. We will reach out to you once the policy is ready for delivery.