Rex responds promptly to any financial planning questions you may have. He does it all and if he doesn’t know he gets in touch with a colleague in a timely manager. He is well connected and very knowledgeable. He takes initiative to ensure all insurance products are adjusted properly as you advance in your PGY years. Yet, he does this all without pressuring you, soliciting you, or irritating you.
— Dr. Hanmu Yan, Urologist, University of Toronto Graduate
My experience with the Clarity MD Services over the past 5 years has been extremely positive. Residency training is a demanding time and Rex has personally kept me on track with regards to not missing annual deadlines and important forms. He has also always been available by phone or email to answer my questions even with the time difference as I live in B.C. He definitely goes above and beyond. I highly recommend his services no matter where in Canada you will be as geography is not a barrier and his diligence and dedication is invaluable.
— Dr. Jasmine Kler, Internist, Western University Graduate
Rex clearly had a vast amount of experience and knowledge regarding things that were important to me. He knew precise details regarding OSAP repayment plans, the Resident Interest Relief Program, ways to mitigate taxation as a surgical resident, and wealth creation strategies that were actually applicable to someone graduating medical school and starting residency. This is in addition to his expertise regarding disability insurance products. Ultimately, Rex clearly knows his stuff, has a head for numbers, is organized, logical and someone that I trust to help me make smart financial decisions.
— Dr. Sandeep Dhailwal, Otolaryngology Resident, Western University
I chose Clarity MD services to represent my insurance needs because of the professionalism, attention to detail and advocacy for my needs that was exhibited by their representatives. Over the past three years, I have been extremely satisfied with their responsiveness and honesty that Clarity has shown in providing services that are appropriately matched to my professional and individual life stage.
— Dr. Caitlin Symonette, Plastic Surgery Resident, Western University
As busy residents with young children, we admittedly hadn’t taken the time to properly plan our financial future. We are truly fortunate to have met Rex, who beyond providing insurance services has truly lived up to his promise of providing financial guidance and planning advice. He is very much in tune with the specific issues facing medical residents, and provides clear and concise explanations. He has been a pleasure to deal with, has been proactive with arranging meetings, and quite flexible enough to accommodate our hectic schedules. Therefore, we recommend Rex without hesitation to our medical friends and colleagues.
— Dr. Vikram Velker, Radiation Oncologist & Dr. Brenna Velker, Family Physician, Western University Graduates
I have been very happy working with Clarity and particularly Rex over the years and it is my pleasure to write this testimonial. It is a comfort to know I have someone reliable to help me navigate various aspects of insurance and finance that can be difficult to understand, particularly during residency because I am so busy. My financial plan with Rex also took into account what my future practice would look like, and how that may affect which insurance plan to select during residency - it would be very difficult to come to these decisions without someone that has expertise in this area. On a personal level, I have found Rex pleasant and helpful to work with. He assisted my fiance and I in finding a real estate agent and mortgage broker when we wanted to purchase a house, and helped us run some numbers to ensure this was a financially sound decision. I would recommend Clarity to any medical student or resident based my experience.
— Dr. Lauren Willoughby, Plastic Surgery Resident, McMaster University
I felt that choosing a disability insurance plan was an important decision, and I wanted to know all the facts. I took my time, explored my options, and asked lots of questions. Ultimately, I chose Rex because he is patient, took the time to answer all my questions to my satisfaction, and met with me multiple times before I signed anything. I found this to contrast some others, who can be pushy and impatient. I also want to make clear that Rex didn’t ask for this testimonial but I offered to do so because I had such a positive experience with him. I would encourage everyone to meet with him before making their own informed decision.
— Dr. Amandeep Rai, Ophthalmologist, Western University Graduate
I have been very pleased with the quality of service offered by Rex and Clarity. Rex has always been professional, reliable, and prompt in replying to any inquiries I have had. He always ensures that I understand why the chosen plan is the best fit for me and willing to take the time to answer any questions no matter how trivial. He understands our unpredictable residency schedule and is always willing to work around it to ensure that our insurance needs are taken care of so we can focus on our residency training. I’m very glad that I switched to Rex.
— Dr Jay Wong, Otolaryngology Resident, McMaster University
We’ve both been extremely pleased with Clarity in general and with Rex’s help in particular. The greatest service was working around our schedule and meeting with us wherever and whenever was convenient. This is not the kind of service we’d ever expect from a bank. Rex also made sure that we understood perfectly the financial decisions that we were making, and made sure that we were happy with the options we ultimately settled on. I would definitely recommend Clarity to anyone else.
— Dr. Sheila Klassen, Cardiology Resident, University of Calgary
We have been very pleased with Rex and Clarity MD’s services. We had a lot of presentations in medical school but few people took the time to sit down and explain things both during the presentation and one on one. With finances and insurance being new responsibilities to most of us, Rex helped explain things in a manner that was easy to understand. We are impressed by how accommodating they are in terms of meeting location and times working with our schedules and keeping us up to date via e-mail. Their service continues to meet and exceed our expectations despite having moved cities.
— Dr. Hubert Lee Neurosurgery Resident, University of Ottawa & Lianne Wong, Family Physician, University of Toronto Graduate
I am very happy with Rex and his team. No matter the questions I have, Rex has always been both available and knowledgeable. As well, he has a great way of breaking down options (of which there can be many!!!) for a wide range of topics (insurance, RRSPs, RESPs etc). I would be happy to recommend him to anyone!
— Dr. Stephanie Chan, Opthalomology Resident, University of Ottawa
Since I became a client of Clarity MD in 2010, Rex has become invaluable in terms of organizing not only my insurance options, but also finances and life goals. Over the intervening 5 years my husband and I have married and started a family. Rex has been there with us every step of the way, helping us figure out mortgages, RESPs, life insurance, disability insurance, and soon post-residency finances. My family and I are happy to have chosen Clarity MD Services. We have never regretted our decision and we look forward to continuing with their services.
— Dr Kim-Chi Tran, Urologist, Western University Graduate